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About the Artist

Fire captures my imagination. The many variations of the firing process give each piece of pottery its unique character. Most of the pottery is wheel-thrown, using either stoneware or porcelain clays. The fire is the unifying element in my work. The transient effects of the flames are “frozen” on the pieces, which embody the physical changes that they have undergone. My kiln at home is reduction-fired with natural gas, reaching cone 10-11.  I also have been fortunate to be part of two wood-firing teams in Nelson, County, VA.  Each of these firings lasts for seven days, adding layers of ash to the pots, thereby creating and enriching the natural-ash glaze. We reach cone 12-13.  

I envision making pottery as a way of sharing. Pots should invite you to use and feel them. Each pot develops a story, like a favorite cereal bowl or tea bowl that gets used for many years, and is surrounded by memories. Using something beautiful can be a source of enrichment and joy.

I am in Studio 226, at the Torpedo Factory Art Center in Alexandria, VA. I have been a potter for more than forty years, and for many years have taught pottery classes for children and adults.

My work is in private collections across the United States.

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